We see a generation rising up against the tide of apathy and despair in the heart of a spiritually dying continent. We see sparks of revival fanned into a mighty flame by the Holy Spirit, with young men and women catching and becoming torches of that flame in the darkest of places. We see the kingdom expanding and not declining. We see it advancing and not shrinking. We see it as a mighty force and not an extinct remnant. We see the Lord, high and lifted up, whose glory fills the temple, saying “Who will go? Whom shall I send?” We see a crowd of those humbly rising up, saying with boldness and awe, “Here I am. Send me!”

In an area where men such as Cyril and Methodius, Jan Hus, Count Zinzendorf, Jan Amos Comenius and many more have walked, we are now facing an environment that is hostile to a move of God. In a place, once taunted and molested by communism, we now witness a mighty tide of the god of materialism swallowing up a whole generation. Europe is the most urbanized continent (74%). Only 5% of the towns and villages in Slovakia have an evangelical witness. 25% of our nation is in the age group between 15 and 29. The number of evangelicals is actually declining. Evangelicals, in their entirety, make up a total of 0,19% of Slovakia's population. The divorce rate is 43,7%. This is our mission field.