Kevin Kazemi, the missionary from Africa visited the college

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On 6.11.2013 our college was priviledged to be visited by a young evangelist of Iranic origin, Kevin Kazemi ( from the Republic of South Africa who ministered to Gateway College students at the Chapel class.  When Kevin was 6 years old, his family refuged to Sweden where his mother later on converted from Islam to the faith in Jesus.  After struggling with a teenage rebellion and cocaine drug addiction,  Kevin found his shelter in Christ and was called to the ministry. After completing the bible college, meeting his wife Mariell they both left to the Republic of South Africa where Kevin shares his vivid message as a missionary. His message to the college students was full of encouragement and prophetic wisdom. For more details on his life story please check Kevin's website

Meeting with Kevin Kazemi: from the left: Mark Holdcroft (GC Programme Director), Ján Lacho (the bishop of AoG Slovakia), Kevin Kazemi, Marta Tóthová (Women Ministry), Miroslav Tóth (GC president)