For A Miracle Together

We invite you to partner with Gateway! A work of this calibre requires a unique miracle, a miracle which only comes through partnership. Nehemiah had to mobilise a mass of leaders and volunteers so that the impossible could become possible. In just 52 days, together, they managed to build a wall which they had not been able to build for a number of decades. This miracle was only achieved as they partnered together. Likewise, we are inviting churches, business people, organisations and individuals to join with us financially and through prayer to support the bible school project. Become our partner and commit to giving monthly to the bible school project. Of course, you can also give a one-off donation.

Please fill in the ‘committment’ form, and help us to raise up a new generation of spirit-filled leaders in our nation. It’s our privilege to work with God’s people from Slovakia and around the world! We look forward to the great things that God has in store for us as we work together!